Weather in Seoul

Located on the banks of the river Han and by the Yellow sea, Seoul enjoys superb weather that attracts many tourists every year. Check out the latest temperature in Seoul with our six-day Seoul weather forecast below.

Though Seoul is surrounded by water bodies on three sides, it has a humid continental climate like the rest of the country. The average temperature in Seoul falls within the 22°C to 30°C range.

Seoul enjoys four well demarcated seasons. The best time to visit Seoul weather-wise is autumn (between September and November), when the forests wear bright tones. In fact, at this time of year, Kimjang is celebrated and kimchi is made. Fall is a great time to also step out of Seoul into other parts of Korea. Along with fine weather, the countryside is enchanting at this time.

Winter in Seoul is quite snowy. But if you don't mind the low temperatures, you will quite enjoy the weather. With 28 days of snowfall on an average each year, the winter temperatures in Seoul dip to almost 15°F.

The best time to enjoy views of pretty cherry blossoms is between March and May when spring arrives. Seoul has mild temperatures at this time.

Summer in Seoul isn't favoured by tourists much. It is warm, wet and humid. The summer temperature in Seoul shoots up to an oppressive 90°F and the high humidity makes it even more uncomfortable. There are ways to keep cool though, like nibbling watermelons, biting into fresh, juicy peaches and savouring cold noodles. By end September, the evenings turn cool and refreshing.

Rainfall in Seoul measures about 54 inches a year, with most of it being concentrated around the summer months. The monsoon winds are blustery and heavily laden with rain and last from June until September.

Six-day forecast (Details)°F | °C
Sep 25
Hi:  28°C
Lo:  19°C
Sep 26
Hi:  28°C
Lo:  19°C
Sep 27
Hi:  25°C
Lo:  19°C
Sep 28
Hi:  20°C
Lo:  14°C
Sep 29
Hi:  22°C
Lo:  11°C
Sep 30
Hi:  22°C
Lo:  10°C